Off-Campus Learning

Work Study

Students earned Work Study Credit for being employed.

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Physical Education at the YMCA

Students participate in physical fitness and sports related activities at the Downtown Lohse Family YMCA for elective credit in physical education. Students can earn ¼ credit for every 25 hours of physical activity time logged at the YMCA. In order to participate, students must be in good standing at school with proven regular attendance (2 weeks minimum of 24 hours). The school pays for the student’s membership once the student’s attendance and academic progress are verified. The student membership is only valid at the Downtown YMCA between the hours of 1pm-5pm Monday through Friday.

**If a student already has a YMCA membership, the student must log in and out for the hours to be counted. The student may also complete his/her hours at any applicable YMCA facility, not just the downtown location. The student needs to bring to school a copy of his/her valid YMCA membership card in order for the hours to be completed for school credit.

Physical Education not at the YMCA

Students earned Physical Education credit for supervised athletic activities in gyms and sports programs.

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Pima Community College

All qualified students may concurrently enroll in community college courses. Students wishing to qualify for enrollment in college classes must have

  • Satisfactory attendance
  • Complete all Academy coursework in a timely manner, and
  • Obtain two teacher recommendations from instructors in the Academy

Tuition for classes is paid by the Academy.

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Fine Arts

SACA students earned credit for taking an authorized Fine Arts Class.

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Other Instructional Activities

SACA students earned credit for taking CPR, driver’s education, etc.