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SACA Eagles 2010-2011 Softball Team

"Last year, Coach Rodriguez and I, introduced softball to SACA. There was no league in Tucson for us to compete in, but we still took the students to the park who wanted to learn and play the game. It was a huge success, so this year we rallied for the league to offer softball as a sport…and this year marked the inaugural season of softball into the Southern Arizona Athletic Association. However, because it was brand new, it was decided by the league to make it co-ed slow-pitch…in hopes to encourage participation from the charter schools.

This year’s team learned so much…from skills and plays to overcoming personal adversity on and off the field. They learned how to come together as a team, how to support each other in moments of pure frustration…and what it meant to “walk the plank” and for a few… they learned how to step up and be a leader. The team finished in 2nd place with the high hopes of winning it all next year. " -Coach Cyndi Cubillas