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Cedric Ellington Squire
SACA Star Alumnus

Anxious to show his patriotism and dedication to his community, star alumnus Cedric Squire enlisted in the Marine Corps on September 11, 2008 prior to his graduation from Southern Arizona Community Academy in December of 2008. After boot camp, which began in March of 2009, Cedric was assigned duties as an infantry rifleman for the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion. Since finishing boot camp, Cedric has been stationed primarily in Seattle Washington at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor, where he patrols U.S. submarines in the harbor under top-secret clearance. Cedric was privileged to serve his country in assisting victims of the devastating Haitian earthquakes of 2010. There he served as a translator and helped transport victims of the disaster to medical attention aboard the U.S.S. Bataan for stabilization and transfer to the U.S.S. Comfort—a floating navy hospital. In November of 2011, Cedric’s Marine Corps duties will take him to Afghanistan.