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Ms. Andrea McCormick

Position at SACA:   Attendance Clerk

Work experience includes: Administrative assistant, Teacher's assistant for the Sunny Side School district, Customer service representative in telemarketing and, a part-time student at Pima Community College.

Outside interest and hobbies: I truly enjoy and love spending my time with my family and friends, absolutely love eating out at restaurants, being out and about, really love to shop until I drop!!...and, there's nothing like spending time on a sunny day outdoors playing with my puppies!!!!

Music: I'm open to all sorts of music. I like to listen to just about anything.

Favorite place in the world: There are plenty of beautiful places to be seen and I have not yet found my favorite.

Favorite thing about working with high school students: Working with high school students is quite an experience. They are so full of life and energy. It's always a pleasure to see them smile, say hello, have an occasional conversation but, above all, my favorite part is to see them succeed!!