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Mr. Jared Brautigam

Position at SACA:   Language Arts Instructor

I was born in Alaska, but raised in Oregon. After I graduated from high school, I decided to join the US Air Force. I spent four years working on Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (the big nukes) in Montana before coming to Arizona to attend college where I studied English and creative writing. In 2011, I had the pleasure of teaching English in Vietnam for a year.

When Iím not at work, I enjoy video games, participating in sports of any kind (especially basketball), and spending time outdoors. My favorite games of all time are from the Final Fantasy, Diablo, and Fallout series. However, I always keep up to date with the gaming industry, and look forward to new games. I have been playing basketball for as long as I can remember, and I love the game. I also took on my fair share of other sports growing up such as, karate, soccer, football, volleyball, and so on. I owe my love of the outdoors to my grandfather who always used to take my brother and I on excursions to the beaches and forests near the Oregon coast. Nowadays, when I feel like getting some outdoor time I usually head up Mount Lemmon for a camping trip or a hike.

I am really looking forward to using everything Iíve learned to help students not only master the English language, but also to instill a love for literature. When I was a student in high school, I disliked reading because I was very impatient. However, I was always very intrigued by the stories. My interest finally lead me to read some books that I really ended up enjoying the first of which I remember was titled Martin the Warrior, by Brian Jacques. From there, I began to find more and more books that had stories so interesting that I couldnít stop reading them. Today, I enjoy reading a vast array of genres, and take pleasure in comparing the books to their film adaptations. I know that writing essays is the biggest fear of many students, but I also know it doesnít need to be. I believe that once someone masters the basics of essay writing, they will find that an essay almost writes itself.